Multiskill | Custom | HighFive


XP: x20
SP: x4
Drop Chance: x40
Raid Drop Chance: x10
Adena: x30

Multiskill system.
All classes can learn all skills.
Skills of another class costs x2 SP to learn.
Skills of another race costs x2 SP to learn.
Skills of fighters/mages costs x3 SP to learn.
Auto Pickup
Sheme Buffer
2h Buffs time
GM Schop (comsumbles, shots, runes, custom items)
Global GK (Towns and Catacombs)
Blasksmith (SA, Unseal, Craft)
Class Change with no Quest
Rebirth System with Special Skills
Additional Skills
Skills Change:
Totems: Usable with all weapons.
Light and Heavy Armor Masteries stackable but nerfed. Additional buff added to Robe Masteries
Additional Skills with PvP & PvE buffs and Slots (inventory, wh, store)

Rebirth System:

At 85 level players can use .rebirth command. It cost 100kk Adena and 1 Rebirth Crystal.
After succesfull Rebirth character will be deleveled to 1 level and gain Rebirth Scroll. It's low chance to gain more than 1 scroll.
After Rebirth no skills are deleted.
Rebirth Scrolls can be exchanged for Special Rebirth Skills depending on the skill price.
Rebirth Crystal can be obtained from 10 Crystal Fragments that can be found during killing monsters around the world of Aden.